Organic Soybean Meal

A small company by comparison to most soybean processors, our specialty has been in the organic market. We received organic certification in 1997 and have grown in the organic marketplace with a processing capacity of over 2.5 million bushels per year. Our goal is to provide our customers with the most consistent, high-quality, certified organic soybean meal on the market today.

Our precision heat processing system assures our customers that they are provided with the most digestible soy protein on the market today. They don’t have to worry about an inefficient protein source when compared to improperly processed soybeans or other protein source by-products. Professional feed manufacturers use Organic Super Soy to build quality feeds that will perform for their customers. If you are purchasing certified organic feed for your animals, tell your supplier you want Simmons’ Organic Super Soy in your animals’ ration.


Mechanically processed free from chemicals and solvents
Quality and consistency that is second to none
Facility is 100% organic
SQF certification to meet FSMA and GFSI requirements


All of our products are made in the USA.
Certificates and Product Analyses available upon request.

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